Strategic Policy Thinking

AVID deliberately provides its thoughts and inputs to policy developments through:

1. Policy Round Tables

These are AVID-initiated dialogues with Government on current and forward-looking auto industry policies and other issues that may affect the industry.

2. Participation in Policy Initiatives of the Government

AVID represents its members during public consultations and bill deliberations.

3. Policy Notes

AVID policy notes are one-page briefs on policies and their impact on industry outlook.

4. Policy Studies

These are commissioned researches on policy issues/topics.

Communication and Advocacy

AVID communicates and advocates its position on economic, industry, and legislative issues and changes, which have significant bearing on the automotive industry and the economy through the following channels:

1. The Daily Brief

One-page daily brief on industry news and third party views on industry issues; statistical indications like fx, interest rates on auto loans, etc.

2. Monthly Monitor

One-page monthly analysis of industry developments, outlook of the economy; AVID positions on issues

3. Consensus Viewpoint

One-page third party views on global, regional, and domestic developments and market prognoses on the auto industry landscape

4. Website and Social Media

AVID Website and AVID Facebook Page

5. Stengthening Media Relations

Pres Briefing: Briefing on AVID positions on issues; press releases
Message Tactical Grid: Tactical lines to take on media headlines

Knowledge Capital Building

AVID initiates forum and dialogues for information and knowledge-sharing among its stakeholders for better understanding of the economic and industry environment and more informed business decision-making. Projects and activities under this engagement area are:

Participation in global, regional, and domestic forums

AVID engages in different forums that will help enhance knowledge on the Automotive Industry and other issues affecting the industry.

Thought Leadership Forum (TLF)

The Thought Leadership Forum is a meeting of thought leaders tackling the most current issues, policies, and trends affecting the Auto Industry

Strengthening Partnerships

AVID commits to strengthening its partnerships with Government, Business, Academe, and other stakeholders to promote sustainable development and growth of the economy and the automotive industry through formal partnerships for mutually benefical projects.